“Dear Deerwood...”


" Thank you for giving [son's name] the most incredible three and a half weeks of his young life. It is September and my husband and I are still marveling over his growth during and after Deerwood. His experience so far surpassed our hopes for him, and it is not an exaggeration to say that [he] came out of camp easily an inch taller and with an air of self assurance that we had not seen before. He talks about camp all the time and is so eager for next summer that I am not sure how he is going to survive fifth grade. Thank you so much for taking care of him and letting him grow. "

" Thank you so much to return to me a child/young man with his joy, wonder and compassion fully on display. "

" We are so thrilled that [son's name] has found a place that he calls his "home away from home" and his "second family". I love that you instill and nurture the best values and I see how he carries them with him throughout the year and hopefully, throughout his life.   When I asked our son who he liked hanging out with the most he said, "Everyone. Anyone. It doesn't matter. Everyone is nice." On the first day of school he mentioned he rounded up three new kids and invited them to sit with his friends at lunch. My first thought was "That's Deerwood in action." Camp gives him the confidence to do things like this.  "

" They can't stop talking about the dozens of friends and adventures they have enjoyed at camp. It is also fun to see them appreciate the culture of Deerwood as they get a little older.  They seem to take very seriously the values of inclusion and positive attitude you have nurtured over the years.  It is an extremely special place and we can't thank you enough for helping them become more confident and independent boys. "

" What struck us most when we picked [son's name] up last August was that he radiated a new kind of self-confidence, borne of having made it through three and a half weeks of summer camp on his own and of having experienced so many new things.  We went out on the lake together in a canoe and were moved by his exclamations about the beauty of the mountains and lake and his assurance that he could steer us around in the canoe.  He beamed with pride recounting how he summited a mountain and camped out overnight in the rain.   "

" I wanted [son's name] to gain independence and self-confidence.  Deerwood gave him both!  I was worried that three and a half weeks was a long time, and now he is interested in going for the full summer.  That speaks volumes! "

" It has been the single most consistently wonderful experience for our son over the past six years.  He has discovered greatness in himself that has been affirmed throughout all of his experiences at Deerwood. "

" When I look back at the defining moments in his life, that first summer at Deerwood between fourth and fifth grade is at the very top.  He came back that summer so full of new appreciation of his family, home, and friends.  He grew tremendously in his spirit and maturity.  A really new attitude and way of looking at life.  To this day, he strives to be inclusive of all and kind, and I really think that is Deerwood’s influence on him. "

" [Son's name] absolutely LOVED his Camp Deerwood experience.  He came home happy and a better person.  I am so grateful for this amazing, positive, fun experience that was given to [him].  It is a gift that will stay with him forever. "

" It is a camp that appreciates the simplicity of childhood, but with that simplicity comes great adventure, freedom and camaraderie.  These four years have been a blessing.  Every year he grows more confident and independent.  Thank you, Deerwood! "


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Black Lives Matter at Camp
Deerwood affirms that Black Lives Matter.  Read our statement here

With sadness, we report the loss of Len Sargent Thomsen and Ann Sibley Thomsen
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